PyEmir Documentation

Welcome. This is the Documentation for PyEmir (version 0.16),

EMIR is a wide-field, near-infrared, multi-object spectrograph (MOS) installed at the Nasmyth focus of GTC. Its MOS mode allows observers to obtain tens of intermediate-resolution spectra simultaneously in the nIR bands Y, J, H and K. EMIR is designed to address the science goals of the proposing team and of the Spanish community at large.

Maintainers: Sergio Pascual (, and Nicolás Cardiel (


If you are reducing EMIR data obtained with read-out mode RAMP, please, have a look to the instructions provided at Checking the RAMPs.

It is very easy to check the employed read-out mode using the auxiliary script fitsheader (provided in the astropy package). For example:

$ fitsheader *.fits -k readmode -f

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